2014 Graduate School Orientation and Information Fair

1. Will you attend the Graduate School Orientation on August 13, 2014, 9:00 am, at the Classic Center in Athens?
Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions about your decision to attend graduate school at UGA. Your answers will be very helpful in improving the experience for everyone. All information you provide will be confidential. Please email ccw85@uga.edu if you have any questions about the survey.
2. What is the most important reason you want to pursue graduate study?
3. In what sector do you plan to work after receiving your degree?
4. How important were the following factors in your decision to attend Graduate School at UGA?
Not importantSomewhat importantVery ImportantNot considered
Reputation of the program
Reputation of the faculty
Research interests of faculty
Financial assistance
Attending UGA as an undergraduate
Availability of desired program
Campus visit planned through the Graduate School
Meeting with Graduate School staff
Campus visit planned by the program you selected
Meeting with a professor
Meeting with students in the program
5. In which program are you enrolled?
6. Which degree are you pursuing?
7. How useful were the following information sources in your decision to apply to UGA?
Not usefulSomewhat usefulVery usefulDid not use
UGA Grad School Website
UGA Grad School Facebook page
Email communication
Information received in the mail
Visit to UGA
Meeting a UGA rep at fair or seminar
UGA alumnus
UGA student
UGA faculty member
8. How do you rate the communication you have had with the Graduate School?
9. How do you rate the communication you have had with your academic program?
10. If you visited the UGA campus, how do you rate your experience?
11. How can the Graduate School improve the level of service provided to prospective students?
Answering the following questions about yourself is optional; however, this information will help us to plan better for all students attending UGA.
12. What is your gender?
13. What is your age?
14. What is your student classification at UGA?
15. If you are a US citizen or permanent resident, what is your ethnicity?
16. Optional:
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