We'd like to grow our understanding of the software you create and how you get it to your users. This survey should only take a few minutes and we really appreciate your input! If you're not sure of an answer to any question, just miss it out.

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Product Manager at Red Gate

* 1. How many people work in your organization?

* 2. What types of software do you create?

* 3. What platforms is your software for?

* 4. What operating systems is your software for?

* 5. Which technologies do you use?

* 6. Which databases does your software use? (If none, skip to Question 8)

* 7. Do developers typically run an instance of the database on their own machine?

* 8. Is your software (or components of it) hosted somewhere?

* 9. Where is your software hosted?

* 10. Which of these environments do you typically have?

* 11. Which of the following do you have in place?

* 12. If you were searching for software to help you get your software to your users what search terms might you use?

* 13. Who are primarily responsible for deployments/releases of your software?

* 14. Who was primarily responsible for setting up the deployment/release process of your software?

* 15. Which tools/software are used to help with deployments/releases?

* 16. How often do you make deployments/releases?

* 17. How automated is your deployment/release process?

* 18. How satisfied are you with your deployment/release process?

* 19. What is the biggest weakness of your current deployment/release process?

* 20. Can you briefly describe how deployments/releases are performed in your organization?

Thank you for completing the survey; your input is invaluable. If you would like us to keep you up-to-date with any new software we create to help with deployments/releases, and are happy for us to ask follow-up questions, then please leave your details below. We will strictly NOT share your details or use them for any other purpose.

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