Thank you for your interest in our user research diary study taking place between Monday 19th March and Friday 19th April.

You will be asked to document your historical research activities and experiences using an online form once a day for 4 weeks.

This should not take longer than 15-20 minutes a day and you will receive a cash thank you of £150 at the end.

We will carry out phone and face-to-face interviews during the course of the study to see how you are getting on and to discuss some of your experiences in greater detail.

At the end of the study we would like to talk to you in person for 60 minutes to learn more about how you approach research and which resources you are using.

If you are interested in taking part in this study and you are able to commit the time to document your activities over the four weeks, please answer the following questions.

Once you have answered the questions press 'Done' at the bottom of the screen to register your interest in taking part in this user research.

If you are suitable for the diary study, we will be in touch with you within five working days.

* Q1. What is your name?

* Q2. What is your email address?

* Q3a. What is your daytime telephone number?

* Q3b. What is the best time to contact you on this number?

* Q4. Which of the following times are you free to attend? Please select all that apply.

Friday 20th April

Tuesday 24th April

* Q5. How old are you?

* Q6. What is your gender?

* Q7. Please describe your occupation. If you are a student, please enter your field of study.

* Q8. How would you describe your spoken English?

* Q9. When did you last attend a market research session?

* Q10. Are you comfortable using a computer and mouse unaided?

* Q11. How experienced would you say you are at using the Internet?

* Q12a. Will you be carrying out historical research, eg. social history research, during March and April which requires using the National Archives website regularly?

* Q12b. What is the subject of the research you will be carrying out?

* Q12c. How much time do you expect you will be spending on this research per week?

* Q13. When did you last spend time carrying out historical research?

* Q14. Which of the following best describes how you feel about historical research?

* Q15. What is your primary reason for undertaking historical research, whether professionally or in your own time?

* Q16. How much do you agree / disagree with the following statements:

  Strongly agree Slightly agree Slightly disagree Strongly disagree
I am an experienced researcher and am generally successful in my research results within my area(s) of interest
I am very good at using multiple sources in order to compliment and resolve my search queries - ie. internet + archives + libraries etc
Undertaking research within my area(s) of interest is more of a pastime than a serious hobby
I persevere with my research questions and I do not give up easily
My research questions / area(s) of interest tend to be open and broad rather than being highly detailed and specific

* Q17. Which of the following interest areas do you have, which lead you to undertake historical research? (Please tick all that apply)

* Q18. Which of the following methods do you use for historical research? (Please tick all that apply)

* Q19. Which of the following best describes how you use the following websites for historical research?

  Use regularly Sometimes use Would use but have not Would never use Have used but reluctant to use again

* Q20. Do you possess a digital camera or camera phone you could use during the course of this study?

Thank you for completing our survey. Please click the 'Done' button to submit your answers.

If you are suitable for the sessions we are holding, we will be in touch with you within five working days.