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SQL Source Control 3 will work closely with SQL Compare to help you store and manage your upgrade scripts.

Benefits will include:

  1. A concept of database versioning. 'In-database version labelling' will be supported, ensuring that the right deployment script is generated for the target database.
  2. A deployment scripts repository in source control. Stored scripts will be associated with 'from' and 'to' versions, the list of objects that changed during their deployment, alongside the relevant developer check-in comments. This allows not only for a deployment script to be easily reviewed prior to deployment, but it also provides a detailed audit trail of changes made to the databases.
  3. Intelligent use of the scripts repository. SQL Compare will intelligently re-use previously saved scripts, allowing for any customizations to be pulled in when generating new scripts.
  4. Database continuous integration. The SQL Compare command line will leverage the saved scripts in source control, enabling the accurate building of databases as part of an agile continuous integration process.

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