Thank you for participating in the Virtual Lab Management Survey. We hope that you will enjoy taking this survey and sharing your virtual lab management experiences. This survey is conducted by voke, an independent analyst firm. More information about voke is available at www.vokeinc.com.

This survey focuses on six areas and consists of a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions to provide you the opportunity to influence the overall market based on your experiences.

The six areas of focus for the survey are:
1. Demographics
2. Virtual lab management solutions and products
3. Virtual lab management and the application lifecycle
4. Benefits and ROI
5. Use of virtual lab management
6. Use of virtualization

All of the data captured is confidential. At the conclusion of the survey process, data will be tabulated, aggregated and analyzed to deliver a comprehensive overview. Information about receiving a complimentary copy of the report based on the survey is available at the end of the survey.

Click the "Next" button below to get started. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. The survey contains 23 questions (excluding demographics and optional questions).