1. Instructions and introduction

Please complete this survey to the best of your ability. You can stop and reenter the survey as often as you like; you will reenter at the place you last left off. For current VDC users the survey has 51 questions and should take approximately 15 minutes if you do it quickly or a little longer if you find some questions provocative and pause to reflect. For those not currently using VDC / BIM the survey is shortented to 11 questions total.

If you do not know the answer to a question, do not answer it; please do not make wild guesses. We will report summarized results to the AGC, AIA, CIFE, CMAA, CURT and DBIA.

If you prefer, all results will be confidential and will not be reported by organization or individual. However, in an effort to gain more in-depth information on successful implementation of VDC and BIM throughout our industry we will be contacting individual users directly. Including your contact information will allow us to gain greater detail on how you and your company are using these tools in actual practice.