Please provide the title or main presenter for one byol at a time.

* 2. Check the responses that best describe your evaluation of this session.

  Strongly Agree Mostly Agree Agree Disagree Mostly Disagree Strongly Disagree
1. The session content matched the description.
2. The format of delivery (lecture, poster, etc.) was appropriate for the content and learning goals for the session.
3. The presenter(s) was (were) organized, well prepared, knowledgeable, and engaging.
4. The information was relevant, up to date, useful and, if applicable, in sync with current knowledge about how students learn.
5. The session proved useful by providing inspiration, new resources or instructional strategies, new ways of thinking, or helped me learn a new tool or skill or solve a challenge.

* 3. Comments. (Specifics about why it was good or how it missed the mark or didn’t fit the format or description are helpful to the Program Committee.)