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1. Please provide the identification letters and number for your cohort (i.e. FNP3, EDD6, READ76, etc.)

2. I have taken a college level course

3. What problems or anxieties do you experience when you start your research? (click all that apply)

4. What technology issues have caused frustration? (click all that apply)

5. Please evaluate yourself on a scale of 1-6: 1= Strongly disagree; 6= Strongly Agree

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1. I understand the Peer-Review process used for Scholarly literature.
2. I understand the purpose of the scholarly literature review.
3. I understand what kinds of literature are appropriate to review for my topic.
4. I know how to access the library databases that relate to my subject field.
5. I know how to find appropriate literature for use in my Graduate school projects.
6. I know how to identify Research literature.
7. I know how to critique research data to determine whether or not the author’s conclusions are justified by the research results.
8. I know how to use Google Scholar for citation trails.
9. I know who to contact for help with my research.