About software development at your organization

Thank you for participating in our 5-minute survey on software development at your company.

Your responses help us decide what tools to develop and tell us what topics are most interesting to you.

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Justin Caldicott, Red Gate Software
1. Approximately how many people work in your organization?
2. Approximately how many people work in the software development function of your organization?
3. What is your job title?
4. What types of software do you create?
NoneA littleA lot
Internal systems
Products for clients
Products for mass-market
5. What platforms is your software for?
NoneA littleA lot
6. Is your software (or components of it) hosted somewhere?
7. Where is your software hosted?
8. How much cloud hosting are you planning to use moving forward?
9. Which of the following does your organization have as dedicated roles?
10. Which of the following does your organization have as dedicated teams?
11. On what industry does your organization primarily focus?
12. What technologies does your software use?
NoneA littleA lot
Cold Fusion
Native Unmanaged Binaries (From C, C++, etc)
13. What databases does your software use?
NoneA littleA lot
SQL Azure
SQL Server
14. What Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) technologies does your software use?
NoneA littleA lot
Entity Framework
Wrote our own
15. Do developers typically run an instance of the database on their own machine?
16. Do you have continuous integration in place for your software?
17. What continuous integration tool do you use? (If you use CI)
18. Do you use continuous integration for?
NoNo, but planning toYes, a littleYes, a lot
Building application
Running tests on application
Deploying application
Running tests on database
Deploying database
19. Do you have a release/deployment management tool in place for your software? Which one?
20. Do you use NuGet in your organization?
21. Do you use PowerShell in your organization?
22. Do you use Microsoft Web Deploy in your organization?
23. Which of the following environments do you typically have for your software?
24. How many machines do you deploy your software to, approximately? (For all environments, for all clients/sites etc.)
25. How satisfied are you with the amount of time/energy your organization spends deploying/releasing software?
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