SQL Response Performance

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Thank you for taking part in the SQL Response EAP and in this survey on performance issues.

1. Please enter your email address if you are happy for us to contact you about any of your answers.

NB: This is strictly for the purposes of this survey only - Red Gate will not use your email address for any other purpose, or pass your email to a 3rd party.
2. First, a few questions about the environment in which you have set up the SQL Response v2 EAP.

Did you install the SQL Response database (the ‘Data Repository’) on the same machine where you installed the SQL Response Base Monitor service?
3. Are you using the same Windows account to run the Base Monitor service (as set up in the installation process) and to monitor Host Machines (as set up in the application)?

In the example images below, the account that was set up in the installer for the Base Monitor service is being used to monitor a Host Machine.
Account used for Base Monitor Service set up here during installation
Image as described above
Account for monitored Host Machines entered here in the web application
Image as described above
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